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Can you guess the Gary Oldman movie in our picture quiz?


Few actors are capable of disappearing into a role like Gary Oldman, and the British star is at it again in forthcoming Winston Churchill biopic Darkest Hour. Take a look at the following image – we defy you to see the joins between actor and the British icon he's playing.

To celebrate Darkest Hour's release on 12th January, we've put together a little picture quiz of Oldman's most remarkable physical transformations. Can you guess the movie from the screenshot? Scroll down and find out.

How did you do? Check the answers below and tweet us your results @Cineworld. Darkest Hour is released on 12th January.

1. Sid and Nancy 2. JFK 3. Bram Stoker's Dracula 4. True Romance 5. Immortal Beloved 6. The Fifth Element 7. Hannibal