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Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis reinvent The Beatles in Yesterday trailer


What if The Beatles had never existed? That's the trippy premise of new movie Yesterday directed by Slumdog Millionaire's Danny Boyle and written by Notting Hill's Richard Curtis.

EastEnders actor Himesh Patel is the latest in a long line of bumbling Curtis leads, playing Beatles obsessive Jack Malick who finds himself stranded in an alternate world where no-one has heard of the 'Fab Four'. Check out the following posters.

Yesterday Beatles movie poster

Yesterday Beatles movie poster 2

With his parents misinterpreting 'Let It Be' for 'Leave It Be', and Coldplay seemingly the defining band of the day, Jack is utterly bemused by his situation. 

However he turns the opportunity to his advantage, utilising his in-depth knowledge of The Beatles' back catalogue to emerge as the world's greatest new pop musician. This involves a top-line Los Angeles music contract and representation from Kate McKinnon's ambitious agent, who sees the potential in her high-flying new client.

However, Jack's success comes at a price: his best friend (and possibly more) Ellie (Mamma Mia!'s Lily James) finds herself left behind as he surges to the top of the charts.

Promising to fuse Danny Boyle's visual panache with Richard Curtis' slyly self-deprecating wit, this has a strong chance of becoming a huge hit. Add in the timeless hits of Paul, John, George and Ringo, plus self-effacing cameos from the likes of Ed Sheeran, and it's more than enough to make us come together.

Yesterday is released on 28th June, so tweet us your thoughts on the trailer @Cineworld.