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5 reasons why Christopher Nolan is the perfect James Bond director


It was rumoured that Christopher Nolan's production company Syncopy, was producing the next Bond movie. Sadly such rumours have proved to be unfounded. Much as we regret the news, we think Nolan is the perfect choice for 007. Here are five reasons why.

1. He's an action master

The Dark Knight trilogy. Inception. Interstellar. Nolan has become famous for staging grandiose set-pieces in his movies. And given that the Bond movies are built around their action sequences, we think he'd be right at home.

2. He's happy with the dark side

When Daniel Craig took over the role of 007 for Casino Royale, he consciously took the character in a grittier direction than predecessor Pierce Brosnan. If the next movie is to both continue Craig's tougher approach whilst bringing the star's Bond tenure to an end, Nolan's love of moody, gritty landscapes and characters would be a perfect match.

3. He works brilliantly with actors

From Guy Pearce in Memento to Hugh Jackman in The Prestige, Robin Williams in Insomnia to Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, Nolan is a filmmaker who keeps an eye on his stars, as well as his sets. If anyone can tease out one final performance from Daniel Craig that is emotionally complex and engrossing, Nolan is the man.

4. He loves messing with storylines

We'd love to see the standard Bond movie timeline getting a Christopher Nolan shuffle. In Memento he relayed the story in a parallel backwards/forwards manner whilst The Prestige shuffled time like a magician deals a deck of cards. And this summer's World War II epic Dunkirk relays the story of Operation Dynamo from three different perspectives. A Bond movie that not only excites us but actively compels us to pay attention? This is why we need Nolan.

5. He's a fan

The climactic scenes of Inception, a snow-bound assault on an impregnable dream fortress, were designed by Nolan as a loving homage to his favourite Bond movie, On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Need we say more about why he's perfect for the job?

Why do you think Nolan would be perfect for a James Bond movie? Let us know @Cineworld.