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Naughty, not nice! The movie anti-Santas who want to wreck your Christmas!


Christmas – a time for family and friends, for jokes and laughter and love… Well, that’s the idea. But, in the movies, it doesn’t always work out like that. Festive flicks are awash with the kind of people you wouldn’t want to be within 500 miles of during the Yuletide season.

We've rounded up some of the people who you absolutely WOULDN’T want to spend the holiday with...!

Willie T. Stokes (Bad Santa)

With his love of cheap whisky and cuss words, it’s safe to say that Willie Stokes isn’t your traditional Santa Claus. Actually, he’s really a two-bit thief who uses his Santa gig to rob department stores. Billy Bob Thornton is charismatically sour as the hard-drinking, womanising crook in this enjoyably filthy, but also surprisingly toasty-hearted, Christmas fave.

Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)

The original Christmas miser, Ebenezer Scrooge is, for most of A Christmas Carol, a cantankerous old so and so who walks around with a perpetual grey cloud over his head. God knows why his nephew Fred and his family want him round for Xmas lunch (we'd probably be tempted to serve him pigeon poo with his turkey).

The Duke brothers (Trading Places)

The poster boys of over-privileged upper class New Yorkers, brothers Randolph and Mortimer Duke are certainly not the kind of people you’d ever want to spend a cosy Christmas with. Their plan to swap the lives of homeless Billy Ray Valentine with rich boy Louis Winthorpe was the result of a childish $1 bet, and it’s clear they view anyone less wealthy than them as a simple plaything.

Harry and Marv (Home Alone)

How low-life do you have to be to burgle someone at Christmas?! That’s what seasonal housebreakers Harry Lime and Marv Merchants do in BOTH Home Alone movies. Luckily for plucky kid Kevin McAllister, they’re hopeless at it.

Gus (The Ref)

When burglar Gus breaks into the home of Lloyd and Caroline Chasseur in the underrated 1994 comedy The Ref he gets more than he bargained for. His hostages may be fighting like a mongoose and a cobra, but, man, no-one want to be tied up over Christmas (unless you’re Anastasia Steele, natch).

Hans Gruber (Die Hard)

If you were planning the perfect Christmas Eve party, chances are it wouldn’t include an invasion by a group of German terrorists. Unfortunately, for the workers of the Nakatomi Tower, that’s exactly what happens. Headed up by the fearsome Hans Gruber, the gang hold everyone hostage and murder the firm’s top guy, Joseph Yoshinobu Takagi, and slimeball Harry Ellis. But they hadn’t counted on John McClane...

Spike (Gremlins)

We’re sure the inhabitants of Kingston Falls were expecting a quiet Christmas in 1984. Little did they know that a cutesy critter named Gizmo was about to birth an army of mischievous gremlins, headed up by the rascally Spike. If you ever want a cosy, ordered Christmas, don’t get water anywhere near a mogwai!

BZ (Santa Claus: The Movie)

It was a brave movie that, as part of the commercialisation of Christmas, put the boot into the commercialisation of Christmas. Yes, the villain of this festive epic is John Lithgow’s scheming executive BZ, whose company faces a total shutdown by Congressional investigation due to unsafe products. Booo!

Who are the Christmas scrooges and grinches that you love to hate? Which classic characters have we missed off our list? Tweet us your thoroughly miserable choices @Cineworld

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