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Why Chris Pratt is the perfect actor to voice hapless hero Emmet in The LEGO Movie


Chris Pratt voices Emmet in The LEGO Movie – the unlikely hero who discovers he's destined to save the LEGO Universe from total destruction!

Pratt may not be quite as well-known as his co-stars Morgan Freeman (who voices wizard Vitruvius), Will Ferrell (evil Lord Business) or Liam Neeson (henchman Bad Cop/Good Cop). But he's the ideal choice to bring loveable Emmet to life.

For one thing, Chris has been brilliantly funny both in films and TV. Most famously, he plays slacker Andy in hit TV series Parks and Recreation, boyfriend of nurse Ann (Rashida Jones). In the first series Andy breaks his legs and, whilst recuperating at home, finds that he enjoys being spoiled by his put-upon girlfriend! Pratt was originally signed for just one series but proved so popular, he was brought back as a main character in every series thereafter.

Chris has also delivered noteworthy comic performances in the pitch-black Jennifer's Body (2009) and 2012's The Five Year Engagement. Chris stole the show in the latter when his character Alex delivers a hilarious rendition of a Mexican folk song - to his own fiancee at his wedding!

Meanwhile, in forthcoming comedy Delivery Man, he piled on the pounds to play the devoted friend of Vince Vaughn's central character. And in Spike Jonze's critically acclaimed dramedy Her (due out in the UK in 2014), Chris expands his range by playing a gentle and sympathetic office manager.

Funny, likeable and charming - we think those are three good reasons why Chris is the perfect actor to voice Emmet. What do you think? Share a comment and tell us what you think.

The LEGO Movie is released on 14 February 2014.