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5 adorable movie minions who we wish we had in real life #DespicableMe3


It’s not long now until Gru is reunited with his still evil twin brother Dru when Despicable Me 3 is released in Cineworld on 30th June.

We can’t wait to jump back into the world of Despicable Me and re-join all our favourite characters and catch up with Gru’s latest misadventures but, as much as we love Gru, there are a bunch of mischievous yellow henchmen who are bound to steal his spotlight once more.

That’s right, the ridiculously adorable minions are back again to make us howl with uncontrolled laughter. It’s been two years since these guys last appeared on our screens in Minions back in 2015 and we’ve been waiting patiently ever since.

While we’ve had to spend the last two years dealing with our lives minion-less, Gru’s been busy spending his time with them and who could blame him? Who wouldn’t want to have those adorable guys as life-long friends in real-life?

Speaking of adorable movie minions, here are five who we wish existed in the real world.

1. Minions – Despicable Me

We had to start with these guys. Minions: they’re tiny, yellow, and speak in their own gibberish language and we cannot seem to get enough of them.

We first fell in love with them back in 2010 in the first Despicable Me thanks to their love of slapstick, toilet humour, and bananas. How could we not find their childish antics irresistible?

Even though they’re incredibly immature, they’re just as compassionate and loyal and as much a part of Gru’s family than his daughters. If anything, the minions are more like children than the girls are.

Most of all, minions love to just have fun and we have even more fun watching them giggle and dress up in ridiculous outfits. No one can perform a rendition of YMCA like these guys, after all.

2. The forest animals – Snow White

Nobody actually likes doing housework but, as much as we’d love to spend our time off watching TV, the dishes aren’t going to wash themselves. If only we had our own minions who could do these tasks for us all whilst being utterly adorable…

That’s a problem Snow White doesn’t have as she has somehow managed to convince a bunch of adorable forest creatures to help her out with the housework from everything from the dusting to washing the dishes and hanging out the washing. As if cute animals helping around the house wasn’t adorable enough, they also do it along to music!

If we had these animals as our minions, our lives would be so much easier and a whole lot more magical.

3. Dug and the dogs – Up

What would a villain be without their loyal minions to carry out their dirty work? If you’re going to have your own army of loyal followers, then you might as well do it right and follow the example set by Up antagonist Charles Muntz and have your very own bone-a-fide army of dogs.

This pack of pooches might talk tough but they’re still incredibly adorable and we wouldn’t be able to resist giving each of them a good scratch behind the ears for being such good boys. It’s not the dogs’ fault that they’re the bad guys, they’re just doing what they were trained to do.

If we had them in our lives, we would use their high level of training and intelligence to do good but mostly we would spend all our time playing with them.

But of course the one who captures our heart the most is utterly loveable, talking golden retriever Dug (voiced by the film's writer Bob Peterson). Squirrel!

4. Mr Bigglesworth and Mini Mr Bigglesworth – Austin Powers

It’s not just adorable dogs who’ve earned themselves a spot on this list. Cute cats have also appeared on screen as minions so it’s only fair that they get recognised too.

Of all the furry felines, our favourite is undoubtedly the fuzzy Mr Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers series. The beloved pet of Dr Evil, Bigglesworth is a parody of Blofeld’s cat from You Only Live Twice but the reason we chose Bigglesworth is due to the hilarious and loving bond Dr Evil has for him.

You see, you never get Mr Bigglesworth upset because those who do often end up dead by Dr Evil’s hand. In fact, by not picking Bigglesworth we risk hurting Dr Evil's feelings and we wouldn’t want to upset him.

5. Robin – LEGO Batman

'Sidekick' might be a more accurate term for Robin than 'minion' but, nevertheless, our lives would be vastly improved if he was our real-life BFF.

For starters, he knows Batman and that means that we would get to meet Bats all the time and that’s always a bonus. Most importantly, though, Robin is simply adorable. His naïve innocence and quirky humour cemented him as our favourite iteration of the Boy Wonder and we cannot get over how loveable he is – just look at his eyes.

This isn’t surprising as everything that is created in LEGO is automatically adorable. It’s a wonder why it took this long for there to be a LEGO version of Robin in the first place but now that we have one, we just wish he was our sidekick.

Regrettably, it doesn’t look like any of these adorable movie minions will be joining us in real life anytime soon. On the bright side, however, it’s not long now until we get to see more of our favourite minions when Despicable Me 3 lands on 30th June.

Andy Murray is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.