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Casino Royale is 10 years old! Cineworlders tell us who should be the next Bond!


Here's news to make everything feel that little bit older: today marks 10 years since Daniel Craig first stormed it as 007 in Casino Royale.

Yes the celebrated reboot of the James Bond franchise, one that restored a sense of gritty integrity and emotion to the greatest spy series of all time, is 10 years old today, so we've picked our 10 favourite Twitter responses from you Cineworlders about who should play Bond when Craig decides to hang up his bowtie. We'll start with a more obvious one from Steph.

Yes, there's a name that's done the rounds. How about this leftfield – and seriously creative – choice from Patricia?

We like it! Let's face it, if Bond were to change genders who better to convey a sense of intelligence and bravado? Here's another popular one from Alan.

We can certainly imagine Tom holding his own in a Bond brawl. Imran is staying loyal to the great Daniel Craig for the time being but admits he's open to a certain actor in future.

Here's Richard's great choice of a terrific actress who could potentially take over.

Based on her performances in LooperEdge of Tomorrow and Sicario, we can totally see that working. How about this classy choice from Karen?

Here's another call for Idris from Steve, plus another intriguing suggestion...

So what about those really outside-the-box suggestions? Here's Kieran's.

Blimey! He'd certainly have the abs for it. Cllr Tom McClaren's choice is no less weird.

And finally we'll end with this hilariously bizarre one from Maha.

Pussy Galore, perhaps? Thanks for your suggestions everyone – we want to hear from everyone else out there! Tweet us your Bond choices @Cineworld and let us know if a Casino Royale viewing sesh is on the cards this evening.