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10 videos that perfectly sum up why Carrie Fisher rocked


When Carrie Fisher died on 27th December, we lost not only a icon of Star Wars, but one of Hollywood’s wittiest, smartest, most maverick voices. It was quite easy to love Carrie Fisher as much as Princess Leia. Perhaps even more so. She was brassy, salty, irreverent and in many ways a perfect talk show guest, as she’d rarely tow the party line. So, to commemorate her life, are just some of Carrie Fisher’s best on-screen moments...

"I wouldn’t be anywhere else at this hour. Except on TV"

Perhaps one of Carrie Fisher’s finest on-screen interviews came in December 2015, while on the promotional trail for The Force Awakens. Brilliantly off-message and hilariously outspoken, she actually reduces interviewer Amy Robach to fits of laughter.

Roasting George Lucas at his AFI Life Achievement Award

It was never going to be Carrie Fisher’s style to give a bland, smiley tribute to the bearded father of Star Wars when he was honoured by the American Film Institute in 2005. So instead she turned it into a comedy roast, in a way only Carrie Fisher could.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Kevin Smith’s fifth film in the Jay and Silent Bob-centred View Askewniverse series is chock-a-block with Star Wars references, from the Episode V-riffing title, to a lightsaber-rocking cameo from Mark Hamill. But best of all is this hilarious appearance from Carrie as a kindly nun who gives our doobie-smoking heroes a lift...

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 

In one of the funniest scenes from the first Austin Powers flick, Carrie plays a family therapist, helping Dr Evil and son Scott in a counselling session.

Star Wars audition

There were various actresses who tried out for the role of Princess Leia back in 1976 (Sissy Spacek and Jodie Foster, to name but two), but it was this audition that convinced George Lucas to go with Carrie. Even at 18, she seems to have the confidence and self-possession of someone twice her age.

Return of the Ewok

The obscure curio shows how game Carrie and the rest of her Star Wars cohorts were. Intended as to be released alongside Return of the Jedi, this mockumentary, about Warwick Davies’ casting as Wicket the Ewok, was never completed and remains frustratingly unreleased. This leaked short scene however does allow us an extra glimpse of Carrie in that iconic metal bikini however…

On Graham Norton

Carrie was always the perfect Graham Norton guest. She never found it hard to be cheeky, or indeed filthy, such as in this interview clip, where she gives her Force Awakens co-star Daisy Ridley advice on what to expect from being a Star Wars sex symbol…

Scream 3

Carrie had a sly, self-written cameo in the third Scream movie as former actress Bianca Burnette. And yes, the character’s resemblance to Carrie Fisher is mentioned!

Wishful Drinking

Carrie’s screamingly funny memoir Wishful Drinking was turned into a must-see one-woman stage show in 2010 and in this clip, she talks about her time in Star Wars while wearing, somewhat thrillingly, a wig styled after her original A New Hope hairdo.

The Blues Brothers

Given that, in 1980, we all thought of Carrie Fisher as the regal Princess Leia, turning up as a sociopathic ex-girlfriend (of Dan Aykroyd’s Jake Blues) with an M16 under her arm must have been a massive shock to audiences.

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