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Why Captain America's colossal box office results will blow your mind #CivilWar


Happy Tuesday everyone – and if the prospect of being back at work fills you with misery, we're sure the memories of watching Captain America: Civil War this past weekend invoke all kinds of warm feels. (If you haven't watched the movie yet, you seriously need to get on that.)

If you were in the front row lapping up Marvel's latest, you're also one of those who helped catapult the movie to shattering box office success. According to figures from Deadline, Civil War opened to a Hulk-sized $200 million at the global box office: 5% behind the opening of last year's Avengers: Age of Ultron but a staggering 157% ahead of predecessor The Winter Soldier.

Stats aside, the long and short is this: the world has gone mad for the witty and thrilling Marvel smash-em-up, and if you're one of those whose jaw dropped during the all-important battle between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, we want to hear your thoughts.

Drop us a message @Cineworld and using #CivilWar – let us know what side you were on, who you were rooting for and who stole the show. (Come on – it's got to be Tom Holland's brilliant new Spider-Man, right?)

And if you seriously haven't seen the movie yet, or already have and can't wait to go again, click here to book your tickets for Civil War