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Your weekend movie news round-up!


Monday blues? Banish all sad thoughts with our round-up of the must-read stories that are making the headlines.

Black Panther devours yet more box office records

With global box office takings of $897 million after less than three weeks on release, it's official: Marvel's Black Panther is on course to be one of the studio's biggest ever.

According to Variety, this breaks down as $501m domestically (making it the 10th highest domestic release of all time) and $396m from international markets, $49.1m of which comes from the UK (that's £35.5m). And this isn't even accounting for China, where the movie is yet to be released…

The movie now sits behind fellow titles Avengers Assemble ($1.52 billion), Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1.4bn), Iron Man 3 ($1.2bn) and Captain America: Civil War ($1.15bn) in terms of lifetime global gross. It's now also the 47th highest grossing movie of all time, having overtaken Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ($896m), Spider-Man 3 ($890m) and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs ($886m).

Will the movie overtake Avengers Assemble and take pole position? While you think about it, be sure to check out our interview with Black Panther producer Nate Moore.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom releases viral video

As discussed on the blog, the storyline of this year's Jurassic World sequel revolves around prehistoric protection. We've seen in the trailer that characters Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) find themselves reluctantly compelled to return to Isla Nublar to save Jurassic World's dinosaurs from a catastrophic volcanic eruption.

Further plugging us into the movie's themes of environmental awareness, a new viral video has popped up introducing us to the Dinosaur Protection Group. In it, we see Claire working with a group of young children, telling them about the wonders of our prehistoric heritage and why it needs to be preserved.

You can check out the video below, and also visit the following viral website, DinosaurProtectionGroup.Com. In addition to character bios and fictional testimonials, it also fills us in on what's happened between the events of Jurassic World and now:

"Since the 2015 Jurassic World incident, the last remaining dinosaurs on Nublar have been abandoned, left to fend for themselves while the world decides their fate. The controversial decision by Masrani Global to "do nothing" has caused more harm than good. In the years since, there have been reports of certain species falling back into extinction (like the Metriacanthosaurus and Edmontosaurus), dozens of cases of illegal activity around Nublar, as well as rumors of rogue groups claiming to have access to the cloning technology. It would appear that these animals are still not safe from the intrusion of humans and, with dozens of species still fighting for survival on 30 square miles of landmass, it is time for the tide to turn. It is time for humans to step up and do the right thing."

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom arrives on 6th June. And don't forget the release date of Jurassic World 3 has already been announced – get all the details here.

Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis join forces for new musical

Last week, we reported that Oscar-winning Trainspotting filmmaker Boyle was in contention to direct Bond 25. (It was further fuelled by the news that the former film's writer John Hodge is currently working on a script.)

However, his involvement now appears to be in doubt following the news he's teaming with British comedy god Curtis for an as-yet-untitled musical project. The news was first broken by The Daily Mail's Baz Bamingboye, and implies a story that revolves around a British musician in the 1960s/70s trying to make a name for themselves.

There's not much more to go on, but in our minds we're already fusing Boyle's stylish panache with Curtis' cutting wit. And we like what we're imagining: the sheer energy of Slumdog Millionaire meets the warm spark of Four Weddings. Boyle has so far shown himself proficient at a host of different genres, from the aforementioned grungy drama of Trainspotting to the heist movie aesthetic of the more recent Trance starring James McAvoy. This would be his first musical project (although Slumdog did contain that famous climactic 'Jai Ho' number), and the prospects are exciting indeed.