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Black Friday: 5 movie shoppers who went absolutely nuts


Ever felt the temptation to go completely insane and purchase everything in sight? Tomorrow is the day where such a thing becomes acceptable: Black Friday, the one-day shopping craze that began in America and has now established itself on these shores. 

Involving profligate spending, bad behaviour and occasional violence, it's kind of like the Purge for retailers. So to mark the occasion we've rounded up five movie scenes that saw movie shoppers go absolutely insane. Hold on tight...

1. Pretty Woman

There's no point indulging in Black Friday unless you're bold enough to show off your swag. This Richard Gere-Julia Roberts classic offers a classic example as the latter's character, Vivian, struts down rodeo drive wielding her purchases.

2. Jingle All The Way

"Jamie!" "I've got to get a Turboman!" Etc. Arnie's mid-90s comedy hit shows festive shoppers at their absolute worst, as his harassed suburban dad (no, we don't believe it either) pursues the perfect Christmas gift for his son.

3. Confessions of a Shopaholic 

Isla Fisher, aka Mrs Sacha Baron Cohen, stars in this frothy comedy as Rebecca Bloomwood, a New York journalist barely able to fund her manic shopping addiction. Adapted from the first two books in Sophie Kinsella's series, the following sample sale scene bears more than a few parallels with Black Friday.

4. Marie Antoinette

Who says that only modern shoppers can have fun? Sofia Coppola's revisionist drama grafts 21st century sass onto the life of the 18th century French Queen, from the casting of Kirsten Dunst to the anachronistic pop soundtrack. Plus, there's a boutique shopping scene where Marie Antoinette goes shopping mad – she did have a bit more money than us mere mortals, to be fair.

5. Krampus

A ghoulishly enjoyable comedy-horror this festive chiller centres on a young boy who inadvertently summons the dark side of Saint Nicholas in the form of the demonic Krampus. The film's anti-festive spirit is on fabulous display right from the off as we get a slo-mo montage of Black Friday shoppers behaving abominably. Season's greetings and all that.

What are your favourite Black Friday movie scenes? Let us know @Cineworld.

And if this has got you in the pre-Christmas festive spirit, don't forget to book your tickets for The Grinch, on release now in Cineworld.