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Beauty and the Beast: 5 magical secrets revealed by the latest trailer


Booking is now open for Disney's Beauty and the Beast, so get ready for the movie's arrival in March with this breakdown of the breathtaking new trailer.

Prepare for a more progressive Belle

As her kindly father Maurice (Kevin Kline) outlines: "You're so ahead of your time". By the looks of it, Emma Watson's interpretation of one of Disney's most famous heroines retains her bookish nature, but it seems the movie will be making more of her independent nature, and how it stands out in her little French village. With Emma something of a figurehead for progressive attitudes, we expect something refreshing and bold from her performance.

Luke Evans could steal the show

The preening, oafish Gaston was a memorably hissable baddie in the 1991 animation and indications are that Fast 6 and High-Rise actor Luke Evans is set to put his stamp on the live-action version of the character. Just look at this amusing moment where he falls in love with his own reflection – it's a classic indicator of a self-absorbed Disney villain, although his attention is soon distracted by Emma Watson's Belle...

Dan Stevens looks wonderfully expressive

It can't be easy conveying a multitude of emotions when buried beneath a load of beastly make-up, but based on the evidence in this trailer the former Downton Abbey heartthrob looks to have it nailed. Apart from the glowering and growling seen in the previous trailers, this one also teases wide-eyed looks of wonderment and love, plus a nicely wry joke about the Beast's remarkable library collection.

Be Our Guest!

The all-singing, all-dancing scene so beloved in the original remains somewhat elusive, hinted at in visual fragments like candelabra Lumiere (voiced by Ewan McGregor) dancing on the table. Still, it looks as visually splendrous as we'd expect from Twilight and Gods and Monsters director Bill Condon. The cast's singing voices on the other hand? Well that remains to be seen – or, rather, heard...

"A tale as old as time"

Composer Alan Menken's centrepiece song gets a contemporary kick courtesy of John Legend and Ariana Grande. Will this be ear-worming its way into our hearts just like the unforgettable original? Just like the movie's fairytale romance, only time will tell.

Click here to book your tickets for Beauty and the Beast, opening on 17th March.