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Why Beauty and the Beast will be the ultimate date night movie of 2017


Whether you’re going on your first date, your 100th date or just having a date night with your friends, Disney's upcoming Beauty and the Beast is the perfect film to get you feeling the love.

Move over Mr Grey, it’s the Beast we’re interested in! This is why you should choose to see Beauty and the Beast for your next date night.

It's Disney – need we say more?

We all know that Disney isn’t just for kids and, arguably, the new live-action reimaginings of classics such as Cinderella, The Jungle Book and now Beauty and the Beast are equally suited to adults because of how old they were when the originals were released.

We can’t help but think that Beauty and the Beast is going to be a very popular date night movie for couples too. After all everyone, even if they pretend they don’t, likes Disney because, well…have you ever seen a sad person in Disneyland before?

Furthermore, you know what’s in store: magic and an enticing story – and that’s just because it’s Disney! Knowing the tale of Beauty and the Beast, there’ll be music, love and magical spells, which removes any possibility of you shrieking and embarrassing yourself like an impromptu scare in a horror film would.

Better than all of this though is getting to experience the story in live-action form. It’s likely that you’ve both seen the animation before, but seeing 2017’s Beauty and the Beast in the cinema means you and your date get to experience it for the first time together.

It's a chance for both of you to get seriously nostalgic!

Few things bond people together more than collective memory and shared past experiences – and let's face it, everyone grew up with Disney, right? At the same time, this new version of Beauty and the Beast promises to embellish the original classic with which you grew up.

It will be a new take on a classic tale, and Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and the rest of the cast are set to make the characters of Belle, the Beast, Gaston and so on new, but still very engaging. There’ll be extra details to the character buildings, more laughs and even new songs too, so Beauty and the Beast needs to be experienced on the big screen when it’s first released to experience the magic Bill Condon has created with his highly anticipated retelling.

Disney films have a tendency to transport us back to childhood since a lot of us grew up with their films on repeat, so if you find you often get nervous on a first date (which is totally normal behaviour), at least Beauty and the Beast will feel comforting.

Plus, it might get you and your date talking about how you were when you were kids, in case you are too shy to talk about yourself normally. (Though of course all of this discussion will occur before or after the film over dinner, and not throughout the film, because you’ll be too engrossed in Belle and the Beast’s love story to talk through a cinema screening.)

It's what a night at the movies was made for

With the recent developments in CGI, scenes such as the terrifying wolf attack and the exciting climatic sequence where Gaston and the villagers storm the castle will bring the tale into the 21st century and deliver plenty of wonder for your buck.

Don't skip date night just to seem ‘more mature’: after all, whether it's the first date or the 100th, they're are all about having fun with that someone special, and what better way to celebrate than with a revisionist take on a Disney masterpiece?

Make your next date night Beauty and the Beast. Click here to book your tickets and let us know @Cineworld.

Nadine Shambrook is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.