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Why we need the live-action Beauty and the Beast in our lives #BeautyandtheBeast


One of the many great things about Disney reimagining their own classics as live-action is that beloved and iconic moments from the animations are transported into a reality we can easily recognise. 

1991’s animated masterpiece Beauty and the Beast is full of dreamy magic, but with advances in CGI technology we can now experience the tale as old as time in a breathtaking new way when the story gets its sumptuous remake on 17th March starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.

These are the moments and characters that cannot be missed on the big screen when Belle and the Beast return in live-action form.

Be Our Guest!

There’s no doubt that this popular Disney musical number will be reimagined in the new Beauty and the Beast, so we can't wait to see how realistic-looking food, drink and tableware (relatively speaking) will dance and sing in sparkling new CGI form. Perhaps the added realism but also take us back to our younger years watching Beauty and the Beast. Perhaps it'll even make us even hungrier than the scene in the original did!

Plus, the starry voice cast of Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth and Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts will bring an added sense of prestige and, hopefully, irresistible fun.


Gaston is one of the ultimate Disney movie villains. He’s vain, obnoxious and just the embodiment of boo-hiss evil. We can’t wait to see and hear Luke Evans perform as Gaston (he gave us a sneak peek at the Gaston song on Jonathan Ross), and we're hoping the live action context will lend the scene a freshness and evoke even more powerful emotions in us.

The ballroom dance

There’s a reason this tale is as old as time, and this specific scene is sure to be a stunner. Not only are the costumes and scenery beautiful in the Belle and Beast dance act, but the relationship expressed through the music is absolutely captivating.

In the animated film you can tell that these two characters are falling in love, but with live-action at his disposal director Bill Condon will no doubt be freed up to be even more expressive with his camera, finding yet more nuances in the actors' performances. To many people it’s their favourite moment from 1991’s Beauty and the Beast and nothing is more renowned than that huge yellow ball gown, so to see this scene in live-action will quite possibly pull on a few heartstrings.

The final battle

The climactic struggle between Beast and Gaston in the animated version was gripping enough. So how epic will it be when rendered with a mixture of CGI and human actors? Twilight proved that Bill Condon can stage emotionally-charged confrontations with the best of them, so we can't wait to see the epic, Gothic sense of scale he's potentially bringing to this critical moment in Disney lore.

The transformation scene

Whether you are a soppy romantic or hard as nails, there’s no doubt that this moment will fill your heart and possibly cause you to shed a tear – and that's just when we think back to the scene in the original. From the cast to the director and the look of the film, indications are this heartrending moment could be even more powerful in its new live-action state.

Magic and love are defining characteristics of the enchanting fairy-tale, both of which will be captured in this closing scene proving that fairy-tales can be seen, heard and felt in the cinema rather than just read in books.

No doubt there will be original scenes that are new to this reimagining of Beauty and the Beast that will be glorious on the cinema screen too, but a little part of us can’t wait to see the iconic moments from the animation come to life.

What Disney moment are you most looking forward to seeing on the big screen? Catch Beauty and the Beast at @Cineworld on 17th March! Remember: booking opens on Tuesday 31st January!

Nadine Shambrook is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.