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Breaking down the awesome Baby Driver trailer


Burned out as we were by the news that Shaun of the Dead genius Edgar Wright wouldn't be helming Marvel's Ant-Man, we have a lot to be thankful for. How so? Well, because in the wake of that disappointment Wright has careered back with a completely original, all-new property, Baby Driver.

The movie has screened at the Texas SXSW Film Festival to positive reviews and the first trailer screeched online over the weekend. So what is the movie, and why should you be excited that Wright is finally returning to our screens? Here's our breakdown of the trailer that will hopefully explain why.

Cue the music!

A world away from the recognisable British environments of the Shaun/Hot Fuzz/The World's End Cornetto trilogy, Wright's new movie instead pays homage to gear-crunching, automotive Hollywood classics like 1978's The Driver – only with the kind of quirky twist we expect from the filmmaker.

Said twist manifests in the form of getaway driver Baby (played by The Fault in Our Stars' Ansel Elgort) whose skill behind the wheel is only made possible when he's jacked into his playlist of music (resulting from his developing tinnitus at an early age). It's something that confounds his criminal partners, the trigger-happy Batts (Jamie Foxx) and the sleekly menacing Doc (Kevin Spacey), with whom he's in far too deep.

One last job

It's the classic set-up: the unassuming driver in over his head with dangerous criminals (of which Mad Men's Jon Hamm is another), who wants out of the lifestyle.

Wright's lensing of the car chases looks as dynamic and entertaining as his earlier, eye-popping interpretation of Scott Pilgrim's graphic novel mayhem - only this seems much grittier and far more dangerous. Is the director staking out dramatic new territory, and turning down a different avenue away from broad comedy? It certainly seems like it.


Another classic element of any car chase movie is the beautiful woman who potentially offers our main character a way out. In the aforementioned The Driver it was Isabelle Adjani starring opposite Ryan O'Neal; here we've got Cinderella star Lily James playing waitress Deborah, the person who could make Baby see the light of day.

Add this to another of the movie's impressive features: not only does it look set to pay energetic homage to one of cinema's greatest genres with a cracking soundtrack to boot, but there's also an eclectic, exciting cast of rising and established faces to keep us hooked.

The stuntman cometh

All of Wright's previous movies have demonstrated his kinetic flair for set-pieces, whether it's the 'Don't Stop Me Now' fight in Shaun of the Dead, the village shootout in Hot Fuzz or the dazzling toilet battle in The World's End. Don't forget this all goes back to his very first collaboration with Simon Pegg on landmark TV series Spaced, a show overflowing with visual and verbal gags.

By the looks of it Wright has considerably upped his game with Baby Driver as cars are driven under lorries, people vault over speeding vehicles and lots more. Plus, it has House of Cards star Kevin Spacey on villainous form wielding a massive gun – if anyone can juice the movie with a sense of menace, it's him.

Driving playlist

Composed of the likes of The Beach Boys, Beck, Queen and Simon & Garfunkel (whose very own tune gives the movie its title), there's plenty of reason to believe this soundtrack will be earworming its way into your head when Baby Driver is released this summer.

Baby Driver
is released on 16th August 2017. Want more? Check out YouTube star Hazel Hayes' interview with Edgar Wright.