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No-one messes with Charlize Theron in the new Atomic Blonde trailer


James who? Jason what? The bad boys of the superspy world had better watch out because Charlize Theron has arrived to make her mark on the genre with Atomic Blonde.

The new film from John Wick stuntman David Leitch this opens up a whole plutonium can of Cold War whoopass, as Theron's undercover MI6 agent wreaks havoc upon 1980s Berlin. The likes of James McAvoy, John Goodman and Toby Jones are on hand to offer scene-stealing support but this looks to be Theron's show all the way. Just take a look at the new trailer and try not to wince at the bruising fight sequences on offer.

Atomic Blonde punches its way into Cineworld on 11th August. Excited? Let us know @Cineworld.