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Action icon Arnie's most awesome moments


Arnold Schwarzenegger is more than just a man. He's a cast-iron movie icon, immortalised in the likes of the Terminator movies, Predator, Total Recall and more besides.

However, age is catching up with the Austrian Oak – he turns 68 today. So join us as we pick some of Arnie's funniest moments to mark this special occasion.

Birthday bonanza

Is there anything better than Arnie singing happy birthday, glass of something or other in hand, whilst wearing a T-shirt that says 'Arnold is Numero Uno'? We think not. Quite what the painful shot from  Total Recall is doing there is anyone's guess.

Batman & Robin super cut

The film is pretty awful and Arnie's high-camp performance as the tin foil Mr. Freeze isn't one of his best roles. Nevertheless, some internet genius managed to salvage the situation – by cutting together every ice/cold/freezing pun in the movie. Yes, there are 4 minutes worth. 

Terminator prank

Schwarzenegger's always been good at parodying his own image, as we can see here when he mingles with Hollywood crowds whilst dressed as the T-800 cyborg. He also gives Madame Tussauds visitors the shock of their lives. Best bit? Rumbling a Terminator impressionist and enjoying an 'accent-off'. You won't see that in the next film.

Career highlights

In a mere six minutes, Arnie acts out a scene from pretty much every one of his movies with Late Late Show host James Corden. Enough said. Extra points for the hilarious True Lies striptease.

What a scream!

No-one does inarticulate grunting and yelling quite like Arnie. Even now, we're not quite sure what combination of vowels can possibly do them justice. Luckily, this hilarious video cuts together every – yes, every – Arnie yell, beginning with Conan the Barbarian way back in 1982. Impressive.