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Ant-Man and the Wasp: 10 super-sized highlights from the new trailer


Black Panther? Avengers: Infinity War? Sure, they might be the Marvel movies everyone's talking about at the moment. But let's not forget about the onslaught of epics coming in their wake.

The first post-Infinity War movie is Ant-Man and the Wasp, which sees the return of Paul Rudd's shrinking superhero Scott Lang. Only this time, as teased at the end of 2015 predecessor Ant-Man, Lang has help in the form of Hope van Dyne aka Wasp (Evangeline Lilly).

The new trailer has just flown in – we've picked out our highlights.

1. Civil War flashback

Banter is essential between Marvel superheroes, even if they are on the same side. How would the Guardians of the Galaxy function otherwise?

We're immediately pulled back into the light, snappy tone of Ant-Man at the onset of the trailer. We see Lang ribbing Dyne about her absence from 2016's Captain America: Civil War's pivotal airport battle – but her snarky comeback puts him in his place. Just goes to show, these Marvel stories no longer just belong to the guys (as further proof, look at Black Panther's forthcoming onslaught of female warriors and next year's Brie Larson-starrer Captain Marvel).

2. On the run

In rapid succession, we learn that Lang has been electronically tagged by the police (presumably because of his thieving activities), his family is in danger and he's on the run. All of that bad stuff apparently stems from his own actions (the exact details of which are currently absent). But he's not alone: both Dyne and her father, mentor figure Hank Pym (a returning Michael Douglas), are sticking close by him. Here's hoping that Hollywood legend Douglas will bring that same dry wit and sage gravitas that made him so entertaining in Ant-Man.

3. Downsizing

The first movie wowed us with all kinds of witty CGI effects that came into play once Lang shrank. From cavernous bathtubs to deadly turntables and rampaging Thomas the Tank Engine toys, it was clear the effects team had a field day messing with our sense of perspective. 

One of the show-stopping moments in the Wasp trailer comes when Pym casually shrinks an entire building down to luggage size, and carts it off as you would a wheelie case. We're assuming it's the team's base of operations – it would certainly make moving from place to place a lot easier as the police move in.

It's the kind of humour that won us over the first time and it looks like the visual effects have been taken up a notch for the sequel.

4. Goliath

We only get the briefest of glimpses at Matrix star Laurence Fishburne, but he's a significant new face in the MCU. He plays scientist Dr. Foster aka Goliath, one of the first prominent African-American heroes in comic book lore. (He was known as 'Black Goliath' in the comics.)

How much of the character's history will be translated on screen is up for grabs. In the comics, Foster began as Hank Pym's assistant, experimented with the latter's serum to become Black Goliath, and eventually went on to fight alongside the likes of the Avengers.

"I was a comic book reader when I was a kid," Fishburne said last year. "I was mostly a Marvel guy but I also loved the DC Comics... I bought comics from both universes and then subsequently bought comics from other labels that grew out of DC and Marvel. Vertigo, and Dark Horse, whatever. I've been watching the Marvel movies for a long time and I've imagined and dreamt and fantasized that one day I would be lucky enough to be in the Marvel Universe and that day has come."

5. No more Ant-thony

Just a quick glimpse of Lang riding a flying ant, the successor to hero insect Ant-thony from Ant-Man who tragically died in miniaturised battle.

6. Seeing a shrink

We mentioned earlier that the shrinking building effect is awesome. Well, it gets better when, during a chase sequence, Dyne and Lang's van shrinks, skulks beneath the baddies' vehicle and expands back to normal size, causing the mother of all crashes. Not just a superhero heist movie any more, this new Ant-Man is also seemingly turning the car chase inside out, and we love it.

7. Super size me

One of the best moments in Civil War came when Lang reversed his usual powers, enlarging himself to gargantuan proportions. It was funny because of how unexpected it was: Rudd's lumbering performance as Giant Man really sold us on Lang's confusion as he towered over his fellow Avengers. And good news, Giant Man is back for more chaos.

8. Wasp in action

The whole trailer builds to the moment where Lilly's character Wasp takes charge, as she takes on several bad guys in a kitchen. Her character is one of several leading the charge for equal representation of women within the MCU, alongside the likes of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and the aforementioned Captain Marvel, and her action debut doesn't disappoint. Best moment: when she shrinks and glides along the edge of a butcher's knife thrown through the air. Iron Man wishes he could do that.

9. Wasp's powers

Maybe it's Pym's faith in his daughter, or maybe it's his lack of faith in Lang. Either way, Lang's disappointment that his mentor didn't grant him wings or blasters is very funny. Chalk one up for Wasp.

10. Dispensing justice

Just one final teaser of the film's brilliant-looking effects, as a Hello Kitty pez dispenser swells to enormous size and strikes the villains where it hurts. We're loving the tone and style of this trailer and can't wait to see such sequences in all their glory.

Check out the trailer and tweet us your favourite moments @Cineworld. Ant-Man and the Wasp is released on 3rd August – don't forget to take part in our Marvel movie countdown to Avengers: Infinity War (released on 27th April).