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Summer nightmares! #AnnabelleCreation


We're in the midst of the sultry summer season (well, apparently) but don't go thinking that the movies can't induce a little chill here and there.

Creeping onto screens this August is bone-chilling origin story Annabelle: Creation, one charting the genesis of the terrifying doll from the blockbusting Conjuring universe.

Looking for a spine-tingling alternative to blockbuster popcorn action? This is the ticket...

So this is the Annabelle we've met before, right?

Yes aka the infamous doll who looks like Worzel Gummidge's Aunt Sally after a night on the tiles.

But wasn't her origin already explained?

Not really – in the first Conjuring movie released in 2013, her malevolent presence was established, if not exactly defined, when we saw her in the Warrens' supernatural museum.

Then in 2014 she got her own spin-off movie but we still didn't know how she came to be.

OK, this is already sounding creepy – what's the story?

We're whisked back to the mid-1950s and a recently bereaved couple (Anthony LaPaglia and Miranda Otto) who lost their daughter in a tragic car accident.

Samuel (LaPaglia) is a dollmaker and, in the wake of the tragedy, invites a group of young orphans to stay at his remote Californian home. 

Whilst there, one of the girls, Janice (Talitha Bateman), comes face to face with a monstrous demon – and the conduit for said evil in the form of Annabelle...

But this is summer! No time for horror movies, surely?

Tell that to the makers of the first Conjuring movie: director James Wan scored an enormous July/August smash with his acclaimed ghost story, racking up more than $300 million at the box office.

The movie recounted the chilling true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren's battle against an evil entity in a remote farmhouse. Amidst the chaos, we became witness to Annabelle for the first time as she escaped from her display case and went on to threaten the couple's young daughter.

This formula was repeated to winning effect in June 2016 when sequel The Conjuring 2 went on to gross $320m globally. Although Annabelle didn't play a significant role in the story the movie did an effective job in bringing to life London's notorious Enfield poltergeist haunting.

Just goes to show there's a real appetite for movies making us feel all cold and tingly amidst the warmest season of the year.

Who's involved?

Shock-meister James Wan defers filmmaking duties to David F. Sandberg, himself responsible for last year's shriek-inducing horror hit Lights Out (pictured above), which he adapted from his own sensational short movie. The feature surprised everyone by going on to gross a massive $148m against a tiny $4.9m budget.

Meanwhile rising composer Benjamin Wallfisch, responsible for the deliciously creepy A Cure for Wellness soundtrack earlier this year, is on hand to induce all kinds of musical shocks.

Is this now the horror equivalent of a shared universe?

Correct: next year brings us The Nun, which centres around the horrific entity who first appeared in The Conjuring 2.

Pencilled in for an undisclosed release date is The Crooked Man, focusing on the other significant antagonist to have appeared in the Conjuring sequel.

Scared now! Where do we book?

Right here. Sweet dreams!