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Tom Cruise unleashes the funny in American Made trailer


We all know that Tom Cruise is so much more than an action star. He's a ruddy good actor too, having stunned in everything from Jerry Maguire to Magnolia to Collateral.

This year he reunites with his Edge of Tomorrow cohort Doug Liman for the blackly comic American Made, and it looks to unleash a far goofier, funnier side to The Cruiser than anything we've seen in years.

The movie is based on the too-good-to-be-true story of civil aviation pilot Barry Seal (played by Cruise) who became embroiled in the notorious Pablo Escobar's drug cartels. When exposed, he cut a deal to become an informer for the CIA – and that's where the madness really began.

The story looks to mix up the facts a tad but the broad thrust of events is still the same with the ever-welcome Domnhall Gleeson on board as Cruise's shifty CIA contact.

Check out the trailer for a glimpse at Cruise in action – the utterly hilarious scene at the beginning pretty much sets the tone for a movie that looks to capture a real Wolf of Wall Street vibe. After the terrific Edge of Tomorrow this could cement Cruise and Liman as one of the greatest partnerships in modern cinema.

American Made is released on 25th August.