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All the times Men in Black: International star Chris Hemsworth has owned social media


One of 2019's biggest movie releases arrives this summer: Men in Black: International.

Featuring two of Hollywood's biggest stars, Chris Hemsworth (Thor, Rush and The Cabin in the Woods) as Agent H, and Tessa Thompson (Creed I and II, Sorry to Bother You) as Agent M, this spin-off/sequel follows two secret agents who work in the London MIB team as they travel the world after a series of alien attacks.

The pair already proved their chemistry when they appeared in Thor: Ragnarok together, so we know they are going to look totally awesome and bounce off each other when the film arrives in cinemas this June.

In addition to playing the god of thunder in the Thor movies, Hemsworth is also a god when it comes to social media. Whether he's showing off his tough workout regimes, family time with his wife and children in his home country of Australia or having fun on film sets, we want to be his BFF.

In anticipation of the new Men in Black movie, here are all the times Chris Hemsworth has owned social media.

1. Getting up close and personal for his first tweet

He's a social media star now, but it took Chris Hemsworth a while to join Twitter. His first tweet gave us his face (as if we needed reminding of his looks) and two happy thumbs up. The rest was history.

Chris Hemsworth joins Twitter

2. Jurassic Park in the backyard

Hemsworth is an Aussie through and through. He's been known to share photos of the humongous spiders that reside in Australia, although the snakes aren't as bad – especially the ones that live in his garden.

Chris Hemsworth Instagrams picture of snake

3. The golden touch

Hemsworth showed us he's not just gifted with Thor's mighty hammer, but basketball, too.

4. Mistaken identity

Hemsworth's loveable comic timing has come to the fore in the likes of Ghostbusters. He's clearly a comedy natural, which is why we expect Men In Black: International to be utterly hilarious. He can tell a good joke, but most of all he knows how to take the mickey out of himself. Case in point: when a celebrity magazine used his picture but described Michael Fassbender (X-Men).

Chris Hemsworth mistaken for Michael Fassbender on Instagram

5. Left out of the fun

Let's not forget Thor was left out of 2016's Captain America: Civil War. It may have been followed up with the awesome, hilarious Thor: Ragnarok, but it's not nice to be ignored while your friends are occupied elsewhere. Even while promoting Avengers: Age of Ultron, which preceded Civil War in 2015, Hemsworth gave the impression that he wasn't invited for the next ride…

Chris Hemsworth jokes about Thor's absence in Captain America: Civil War on Twitter

Then he was left out of the big #TeamIronMan #TeamCap debates… And even though they're all friends again, Hemsworth still expressed tongue-in-cheek bitterness.

6. He is buds with his Avengers co-stars

Hemsworth never forgets his pals' birthdays and we love that he's still so close to the rest of his superhero team after so many years. Just look at this photo of Hemsworth with Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/Iron Man).

Chris Hemsworth jokes with Robert Downey Jr. on Instagram

7. Being kick-ass runs in the family

Hemsworth's brawniness and general badass attitude runs in the family, at least according to the caption in the following image. The Aussie star also revealed that due to being attacked by his son, he's now after Ryan Reynolds' role as Deadpool.

Chris Hemsworth celebrates birthday on Instagram

8. Being less than gracious in defeat

Being Thor, one of the world's biggest stars, a social media comedy hero and all-round awesome guy just isn't enough for Chris Hemsworth, who was hoping he could keep hold of the People's Sexiest Man Alive title.

Chris Hemsworth jokes on Twitter about no long being the world's sexiest man

9. He's a typical big brother

There's seven years between Chris and his little brother Liam (The Hunger Games), and despite Liam being a movie star in his own right, Chris loves to wind him up as all siblings do. For example, when he drew all over Liam's Men's Health front cover shoot. He also revealed that his favourite character from The Hunger Games isn't Gale (played by Liam), but instead his kind-of rival for Katniss Everdeen's affections, Peeta (Josh Hutcherson).

Chris Hemsworth reveals on Instagram that his favourite Hunger Games character is Peeta

Chris Hemsworth tweets he's Team Peeta

10. He has a favourite Chris

Everyone has their favourite movie Chris: either Pratt, Evans, Pine or Hemsworth. And of course you'd expect the Thor actor to have his own personal favourite, too.

Chris Hemsworth reveals his love for Chris Pratt on Instagram

11. Do not trust his diets

We know the man can bulk up, but Hemsworth has also displayed an emaciated look in certain movies, most famously in Ron Howard's seafaring drama In the Heart of the Sea. It looks like hard work though, so we'll pass.

Chris Hemsworth tweets dramatic weight loss for In the Heart of the Sea

12. "P**s off Thanos" 

Ok, so we were joking with the Robert Downey Jr. post above, but Hemsworth really does get on with his superhero family. Like when he told Josh Brolin's super-villain Thanos to p**s off while celebrating Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman.

Chris Hemsworth jokingly tells Thanos to piss off

13. It's all about family

Hemsworth is a big softie really, loving the simple things such as being with and celebrating family. Hemsworth shared the love when he posted a video dancing with his family to a song by sister-in-law Miley Cyrus. He really gets into the song with his interpretative dance moves.

14. Making us feel really lazy

Following Hemsworth on social media does have its downsides though, such as when you're just getting out of the cinema, having eaten a whole bucket of popcorn, and you see that Chris Hemsworth is doing workouts like this. Suddenly, we feel lazy.

We can't wait to see our favourite Aussie hero save the world from aliens in Men in Black: International. Make sure you see it in Cineworld from 14th June. And if that's too long to wait, don't forget you can catch Chris as Thor in Avengers: Endgame, released on 25th April.

Nadine Shambrook is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.