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All the Money in the World: how Ridley Scott pulled his latest movie back from the brink


Recipient of both Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations, All the Money in the World dramatises a shocking true story of greed and corruption.

Directed by Alien and Blade Runner visionary Ridley Scott it's the account of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer), the world's richest man who refused to stump up the ransom for his kidnapped grandson. Amid the ensuing media circus the boy's life hung in the balance, as it fell to his mother Gail (Michelle Williams) to help secure his release.

That the movie has come together in the way it has is nothing short of miraculous. You can't fail to have heard how the disgraced Kevin Spacey was replaced in the role of Getty by Plummer, who has been Golden Globe and BAFTA nominated for his chilling performance.

But this was only possible after a series of reshoots, organised at the very last minute by Scott at the cost of $9 million. Check out the following behind the scenes video in which Scott talks about how he pulled his latest movie back from the brink, steering it to critical and awards glory in the process.

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