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'Spectacularly skin-crawling!' The Alien: Covenant verdicts are in...


Scuttling into Cineworld this Friday, Alien: Covenant reunites us with one of the most terrifying movie monsters of all time.

To celebrate Ridley Scott's return to the legendary sci-fi horror franchise we've rounded up some select reviews to get you primed. We'll begin with this from Entertainment Weekly's Kevin P. Sullivan who remarks, "Alien: Covenant indulges in a spectacle that's been missing from summer movies for the past decade or so. It grosses you out and then laughs at you while you puke (not literally)."

Still got the stomach to proceed? Well here's what Rosie Fletcher in Digital Spy thinks: "It's a masterful piece of world building, epic in scale, with new monsters which will likely delight Alien freaks and HR Giger fans alike."

Todd McCarthy, writing for The Hollywood Reporter, says the movie is a return to the success stories of both Alien and Aliens, both considered the best in the franchise: "Gripping through its full two hours and spiked with some real surprises, this beautifully made sci-fi thriller will immeasurably boost fan interest in the run of prequels which Scott has recently said will consist of at least two more films until the action catches up to the 1979 original. This Fox release is a lock for major early summer box-office worldwide."

Cath Clarke of Time Out says there's one standout creepy performance in the movie – and it doesn't come from any Xenomorph: "If just thinking about Michael Fassbender makes you want to strip off all your clothes, ‘Alien: Covenant’ has a cure for that. David the robot, his creepier-than-a-serial-killer android butler, was the breakout star of Ridley Scott’s 2012 ‘Alien’ prequel ‘Prometheus’. Scott, realising perhaps that David is scarier than a spaceship full of parasitic flesh-eaters, makes him the star of this sequel to the prequel."

Negatives? Peter Debruge in Variety believes the movie fails to advance the series in new directions: "Alien: Covenant may continue the Prometheus storyline, but it doesn’t share that film’s spirit."

"Here is a pretty-looking and aesthetically dazzling picture that dryly remakes the original 1979 classic with all the perfunctory effort of a master being commissioned to trace the lines of a previous work," writes Den of Geek.

And finally, this from Mike Ryan of Uproxx: "What started out as a simple 'let's run away from this scary thing' is now so bogged down in its own mythology of why these scary things exist, it's almost unrecognizable."

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