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Spoilers! The burning questions Alien: Covenant has left us with...


Did you experience the majesty of Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant last weekend? If so, we imagine you were left with more than a few head-scratching questions come the gore-strewn climax. Here are the ones still rattling around our heads that we desperately want answered in the next movie...


1. How did the black goo become airborne?

The Engineers' deadly biological weapons first appeared in Prometheus and it was immediately clear they were capable of genetic mutation and death. Even so, when David (Michael Fassbender) drops the payload on the Engineers in Covenant we were a bit confused to see the substance work as a deadly airborne pathogen, quite the opposite from its original properties.

What's the story? And why does it lead to their bodies being calcified and preserved rather than bursting forth with all manner of alien creatures?

2. Why was the Covenant leaving Earth in the first place?

So it's established that the titular ship is on a colonising mission to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, Origae-6 to be precise. But what has prompted that? Could a future Alien movie become the first one to show us what's become of our home planet? We saw it ever-so-briefly at the end of Resurrection but maybe a future movie could bring the Xenomorph threat to our home turf.

3. How did the space spores develop?

It's sort of implied that, as a result of David's experiments, the black oil has genetically combined with the plant life on the uncharted planet. This results in destructive, body-invading spores that ultimately result in the birth of the Neomorph. Even so details are relatively sketchy – we'd really like to see more on this in future.

4. Where did the second Alien come from?

At the end of the movie when the recovery craft has once again docked with the Covenant, all appears well. Until, that is, one of the survivors is revealed to have been impregnated with a Xenomorph, resulting in a climactic race against time against another rampaging beastie. Will the gaps be filled by Scott's next movie?

5. How did David create the Alien eggs?

It's been established throughout the Alien saga that one needs an Alien queen in order to birth the eggs. But David says he's developed them himself over the course of 10 lonely years – all he's needed is an unwitting host, who arrives in the form of Oram (Billy Crudup). Given this is an important part of the creature's lifecycle, we'd love to see more detail on this.

6. Is David the ultimate Alien creator?

In Prometheus there was a brief shot of what looked like a Xenomorph on a wall, implying that our ancestors had created the terrifying creature as a result of their biological experiments. After all, when Shaw (Noomi Rapace) is infected by the black liquid and removes a squid creature from her body, this sets in motion the climactic impregnation of the Engineer – resulting in a sort-of Alien being born.

Covenant by contrast rewrites that history by suggesting that David himself is entirely responsible for the alien's creation, his Frankenstein-style experiments having run amok.

7. What happened to Shaw?

The prologue movie 'The Crossing' filled in the gaps between Prometheus and Covenant but any footage containing Shaw doesn't actually appear in the latter movie. We're therefore led to speculate on what actually happened to her: a shot of her apparently dissected body on a lab table implies that David experimented on her (further alluded to in the dialogue) but it also kind of looked like a wax model cast of her body...

Could Elizabeth's actual fate be revealed further down the saga? After all, David seems genuinely remorseful over her death, so much so that he re-interprets the Prometheus musical theme 'Life' as her "elegy" on a recorder. Questions, questions...

8. What happened to Walter?

During the movie's final third the somewhat ambiguous android Walter is revealed to have purer motives than the insane David. The latter android has in fact got drunk with power, resulting in a climactic battle to the death during which time the former appears reluctant to kill the latter.

It then seems like Walter has made his way back on board the Covenant, only to be revealed as the scheming David when he puts Daniels (Katherine Waterston) to sleep in her cryopod. Are we going to find out what happened to the upgraded Walter model?

9. Is Origae-6 in fact LV-426?

The burning question in all of this: will the Covenant's original destination in fact turn out to be the desolate planet as featured in the original Alien

At the end of Covenant we see David prowling the corridors of the ship as he plans to colonize his beloved Xenomorph creations – could this be the key event that leads to the crew of the Nostromo making their ill-fated discovery?

Even as we ask that, there are questions within questions. After all, LV-426 housed the Space Jockey craft, so if the above theory were true there'd be some serious explanation needed...

What were your burning Alien: Covenant questions? Send them in @Cineworld.