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Alien: Covenant prologue video answers some Prometheus mysteries


Were you left in chestbursting awe during the Alien Day sneak peek of Alien: Covenant yesterday? For those who couldn't make it, here it is again.

Ridley Scott's return to classic sci-fi horror franchise follows on from 2012's Prometheus and connects to the timeline of his 1979 masterpiece, Alien. Not only are we introduced to an all-new crew comprising, among others, the tough-as-nails Daniels (Katherine Waterston); it will also mess with the biology of the Xenomorph itself, introducing us to a terrifying variant known as the Neomorph.

For those of us left scratching our heads at the end of Prometheus (and there were a lot of us), this new video, 'The Crossing' bridges the gap between that movie and the events of Covenant. We find out what happened when Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and decapitated droid David (Michael Fassbender) headed off towards the Engineers' homeworld in a bid to find answers. Check it out below.

It seems as if Prometheus will play a larger role in the events of Alien: Covenant than the trailers initially indicated. Get ready for the return of the Xenomorph and click here to book your tickets for Alien: Covenant, opening on 12th May.

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