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Ridley Scott plans the next Alien: Covenant movie, and more must-read sequel news


Already looking ahead to the movies on release in the next few years? Let us steer you through with some news about all-important sequels in the cinema pipeline...

Ridley Scott will make the Alien: Covenant sequel

As we found out from Ridley himself, Alien: Covenant is taking the classic saga back to its audience-scarifying roots. However the sprightly director of Gladiator and Blade Runner is already planning the next terrifying chapter in the Alien franchise.

"I’ll be filming that within 14 months," Scott tells IGN of the next movie, adding that the wider goal is to "gradually drive into the back entrance of the [original] film."

Watch this space...

Cars 3 gets a new trailer

Will this get Pixar's popular series back on track after Cars 2? One thing's for sure, Owen Wilson's automotive hero Lightning McQueen is about to enter the toughest race of his life. Check out the trailer.

Edge of Tomorrow sequel is on the way

2014's superb time-travel actioner paired Tom Cruise with Emily Blunt and was one of the year's most entertaining spectacles. And director Doug Liman has confirmed that both Cruise and Blunt will be back for the sequel, titled (for real) Live Die Repeat And Repeat. It's a continuation of the original movie's adjusted DVD title, Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow, itself a change from the title of the original graphic novel, All You Need Is Kill.

"Tom is excited about it, and Emily Blunt is excited about it," Liman tells Collider. "The big question is just when we’ll do it. But it’s not an if, it’s a when."

Hellboy reboot will take the franchise in a darker direction

Much as we adored the teaming of Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman for the wisecracking Hellboy series, it sadly seems we won't be getting another one from them. Instead, the cigar-chomping, horned anti-hero is being treated to a far darker reboot with Stranger Things actor David Harbour in the lead role. It's poised to be directed by The Descent filmmaker Neil Marshall.

"I can’t really talk about specifics with regard to the story," writer Andrew Cosby tells Silver Screen Beat, "which they’re keeping a pretty tight lid on at the moment, but I can say that this is a darker, more gruesome version of Hellboy."

He adds: "Neil [Marshall] said from the very beginning that he wanted to walk a razor’s edge between horror and comic book movie, which was music to my ears, because that’s what I was shooting for in the script, and precisely what [Mike] Mignola does so well with the comics."

Jeff Goldblum talks Jeff Goldblum's role in Jurassic World 2

Looking forward to Ian Malcolm's return in the new Jurassic Park movie? You will be after hearing the great man's very own thoughts on the subject.

"Off I go in a few weeks to London, where they’ve been hard at work, and I’ll try to contribute something to the plate of dino-entertainment," Goldblum tells Entertainment Weekly. "I like my character. I think my character is a saucy, sassy man of some integrity and deep thinking. And of course, that whole world continues to be popular, slam-bang, top entertainment."

Saucy and sassy? Seriously, can we watch the movie right now?

What's your favourite piece of movie news from the last week? Let us know @Cineworld.