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Extended Alien #LastSupper clip introduces us to the doomed crew of the Covenant


Everybody runs this May when Prometheus sequel slash Alien prequel Covenant bursts onto the big screen.

Ridley Scott returns to the terrifying sci-fi horror universe with which he made his name and the gruey, gory first trailer seemed to indicate a return to the pared-down body horror of his seminal Alien, rather than the grandiose, controversial stylings of Prometheus.

As further proof of that, this newly released clip takes us up close and personal to the sort of close-knit ensemble that featured in Scott's original 1979 classic – in other words, these guys are inevitably doomed but getting to know them increases the sense of tension and terror.

Watch out for telling character beats and slivers of dialogue – in particular, Daniels' (Katherine Waterston) decision to rally the Covenant troops with a stirring speech adds more fuel to the fire about her being the legendary Ripley's (Sigourney Weaver) mother.

Plus, there's a throwaway reference to "giant cockroaches" that's guaranteed to bring chills, and what's wrong with James Franco's Captain? And where do the allegiances of android Walter (Michael Fassbender, all sly glances and watchful stares) lie? Watch and judge for yourselves.

Alien: Covenant is released on 19th May.