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Why Michael Fassbender is the only actor you'd pay to see twice in a movie


Not yet seen Alien: Covenant on the biggest Cineworld screen you can find? Here's why the brilliant Michael Fassbender is worth your admission fee alone – after all, he gets not just one role but two roles in Ridley Scott's latest terrifying horror...

He's capable of seeming, well, alien

As we've seen in the likes of Inglourious Basterds, Shame and 12 Years a Slave, Fassbender's control of body language is extraordinary. In Covenant, he appears as upgraded android model Walter and his watchful, eerie, hesitant presence may – or may not – indicate that problems lie ahead for our central characters...

He does a lot with very little

It's all in those impactful glances or slight, side-on glimpses. Fassbender is brilliant at conveying, through the Walter character, a humanoid creation who has been designed to interpret the events surrounding him without ever getting emotionally invested. And on the other end of the scale, it's time to say hello to an old 'friend'...

He can grandstand with relish

Covenant re-introduces us to fellow synthetic David, last seen at the end of Prometheus. The exact nature of his character we won't spoil; suffice it to say that David has developed in such a way that makes him even creepier than before. Fassbender's portrayal of this particular synth, one whose emotional capabilities have fatally run amok (in direct contrast to Walter) allows for skin-crawling, scene-chewing acting at its best.

He's the only actor who can steal the scene from himself

As you might imagine, there eventually comes a time where both David and Walter share the screen. Given how brilliantly he plays both characters it's hard to determine who is the most engrossing: the controlled Walter, adhering to his programming, or the increasingly rogue, mad-eyed David. Trust us when we say that it's worth seeing the movie just for this extraordinary scene alone.

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