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A Cure for Wellness star Dane DeHaan's 5 greatest movies


Out this Friday, creepy horror A Cure for Wellness depicts a health spa quite unlike any other. Dane DeHaan plays an ambitious young worker who is dispatched to the majestic Swiss Alps to bring back his boss who has disappeared at a mysterious clinic – what he discovers will change him forever.

With the movie out this Friday, what better time to recap Dane's best movies? We've picked our five favourites.

Chronicle (2012)

Dane's breakout performance was this acclaimed, found-footage superhero movie from director Josh Trank, about a group of friends irrevocably changed when they get superpowers.

The raw handheld footage lends a sense of intimacy and immediacy to the special effects sequences (the moment where the guys learn to fly for the first time is hilarious and breathtaking), but it's held together by Dane's brooding, dangerous performance as the troubled young guy whose powers ultimately get the better of him.

The Place Beyond the Pines (2013)

Dane only appears in the final third of this sprawling, multi-generational drama but his performance is well worth the wait. Directed by Derek Cianfrance it's an epic father-son story that begins with Ryan Gosling's stunt biker turned bank robber, continues with Bradley Cooper's ambitious policeman and concludes with Gosling's grown-up son (played by DeHaan), grappling with the consequences of everything that has come before.

Amidst an excellent ensemble cast, the young star stands out with his anguished portrayal of a teenager coming to terms with his own past.

Kill Your Darlings (2013)

Dane took an ambitious leap into real-life portrayals in this acclaimed account of the seminal 1950s 'Beat' generation, a hotbed of talent comprising writers, musicians and artists.

The actor plays radical thinker (and eventual journalist) Lucien Carr opposite Daniel Radcliffe's poet Allen Ginsberg in this atmospheric look at the relationship between the two men, one that was to define the rest of their lives. It's a role that again highlights DeHaan's ability to get under the skin of broiling, angry characters raging against the world.

Life after Beth (2014)

One of Dane's lesser-known films, and certainly one of his lighter ones, this puts a fun spin on the traditional zombie movie when a young man is confronted with the re-animated corpse of his recently deceased girlfriend (Aubrey Plaza). Mixing sweet relationship woes with a smattering of gore (well, it is a zombie movie), it shows there's another side to Dane that we hadn't anticipated.

Life (2015)

Another ambitious portrayal of an iconic real person, this role demanded more of Dane than any previously, as he brought to life movie legend and teenage figurehead James Dean. Assimilating the actor's looks and mannerisms for the story of Dean's working relationship with Life magazine photographer Dennis Stock (Robert Pattinson), it's an eerie portrayal that gets under the skin of one of Hollywood's most influential A-listers.

Don't forget to check out our A Cure for Wellness interviews with Dane DeHaan and director Gore Verbinski. The movie is out this Friday.

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