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Composer John Powell talks How To Train Your Dragon 2


Academy Award-nominated composer John Powell has been talking to Empire about his score for the forthcoming How To Train Your Dragon 2.

Most famous for his music duties on the Bourne films, the 50-year-old composer (who worked on the first How To Train Your Dragon film in 2010) has been spilling the beans on what we can expect from the animated sequel.

"It uses some of the same tunes but there are also lots of new tunes,” he told the website. “It’s going to have bagpipes in it. There is a fantastic group called The Red Hot Chilli Pipers who are coming down from Scotland for us. We have a big choir, a big orchestra.

"Everything is the same but it has a new set of characters and a whole new story. The characters have grown up since the last film so things are slightly different. It’s a maturation story."

Sounds mighty good to us. The first How To Train Your Dragon was one of the most dazzlingly brilliant animated movies of recent years, and hopes are high that the sequel will replicate the original's success.

So, are you and your kids looking forward to the further adventures of Hiccup, Stoick, Gobber, Snotlot and the rest? Tell us in the comments section.