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8 classic scenes from The Shining that you need to experience on the big screen


To mark this Halloween, we’ve got a one-night only showing of horror classic The Shining.

Without doubt one of the most soul-chilling and influential horrors of all time, it headlines Jack Nicholson as the janitor of the isolated Overlook Hotel in the Colorado Rockies.

Based on Stephen King’s 1977 novel and directed by the great Stanley Kubrick, The Shining is a movie that demands to be seen on the big screen.

Here are eight scenes we can’t wait to see again... 

1. “Heeeere’s Johnny!”

One of the most quoted lines from the movie is actually a quote itself. From The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, in fact, which began each edition with a hearty, “Heeeere’s Johnny!”

But Jack Nicholson imbues those two words with way more menace in this version, as Jack smashes down the locked door with an axe.

2. The hunt in the maze

One of the scariest scenes in the movie sees Jack chasing his little boy Danny around the hotel’s immense maze. Eventually he collapses through exhaustion and when we see him the next morning (at 3.20 in the clip) he’s frozen solid. Thank God.

3. Meet the twins

As Danny is cycling around the empty hotel he comes across two twin girls. “Hello Danny,” they say, blankly. “Come and play with us. Forever… And ever… And ever.”

Don’t have nightmares now.

4. “YOU are the caretaker”

In what’s possibly the eeriest scene in the movie, Jack Torrence meets Delbert Grady, an apparent ghost from the hotel’s distant past.

It’s an effectively mannered and menacing performance from Kubrick regular Philip Stone as the murderous Grady, who, we're led to believe, killed his family many decades before.

5. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Wendy thinks Jack has been working hard on his book all this time. Except all he’s been doing, it seems, is typing “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” over and over and over and over and over and over again.

(Interesting fact – director Stanley Kubrick insisted that his crew type out each individual sheet of paper, whether it was seen on screen or not)

6. Jack goes on the attack

After Wendy discovers that all the work he claims to have been doing just isn’t there, Jack stops pretending that he’s ‘okay’.

Everything changes from this moment in the film, as Jack faces off against his own family, seemingly now the puppet of the hotel and its ghosts.

7. What the ****?!

As Wendy comes up the hotel’s stairs she sees a vision of two people in one of the rooms – one wearing a suit and tie, the other wearing a bear outfit...

8. The power of the shining

There’s a lot that’s deliberately opaque about The Shining, but this is one of the few scenes where there's actually a modicum of clarity, as Scatman Crothers’ Dick Hallorann tells little Danny about their shared condition.

Excited? Then book your tickets now to see The Shining where it belongs – on the big screen!