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5 of the best villains from the Fantastic Four series


Like any long-running comic series, the Fantastic Four have accumulated a rather sizable list of strangely dressed people who really don't like them at all. With the first Fantastic Four reboot movie released this August and a sequel planned for 2017 and the possibility of further films beyond that, which of them should the series' producers bring back? Here's a run-down of the best of them.

Doctor Doom
Real name: Victor Von Doom 
First appearance: Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962) 
Easily the most recognisable of all the enemies of the Fantastic Four, he's been a thorn in the group's side since almost the beginning of the series. Doom appeared in the first of the two recent Fantastic Four films and is down to appear in the new one – played, we're sure, to perfection by the brilliant Toby Kebbell. In the new film though, Doctor Doom is originally a programmer by the name of Victor Domashev who blogs online under the pseudonym of 'Doom'.

The Frightful Four 
Line-up: The Wizard (Bentley Wittman), The Sandman (William Backer), Paste-Pot Pete (Peter Petruski), Medusa 
First appearance: Fantastic Four #36 (1966) 
The polar opposite of the Fantastic Four (the clue really is in the name), the Frightful Four are four in number and, as it happens, also rather frightful. Assembled by the super-genius known as the Wizard, the group cause chaos wherever they go but, as yet, haven't bested their arch enemies. Personally, we think a film matching a foursome of good versus evil would work brilliantly.

Mole Man 
Real name: Harvey Elder 
First appearance: Fantastic Four #1 (November 1961) 
Mole Man appeared in the very first Fantastic Four comic way back in 1961 – making him not only the first enemy of the Fantastic Four but also, we believe, the first villain of the Marvel universe. Interestingly, Mole Man's alter ego, Harvey Elder, is among the cast list for the new FF film (played by Tim Blake Nelson), although whether or not Elder becomes Mole Man in the film is, as yet, unknown.

Molecule Man 
Real name: Owen Reece 
First appearance: Fantastic Four #20 (November 1963) 
One of the most powerful of all the Fantastic Four's adversaries, Molecule Man began life as a humble laboratory assistant called Owen Reece. After a freak accident while working at a nuclear plant, Reece was bombarded with an unknown form of radiation causing him to mutant and giving him the ability to control all matter down to a molecular level. His powers make him extremely powerful and it's only his carelessness in the comic books that have allowed him to be defeated.

The Super Skrull 
Also known as: KI'rt 
First appearance: Fantastic Four #18 (September 1963) 
Another enemy of the Fantastic Four that's proven tricky to defeat over the years is Super Skrull, the head of an alien race that's determined to conquer Earth. A powerful being, Super Skrull is able to mimic all of the Fantastic Four's abilities, and in some cases, exceed them. In the comic books, it fell to Reed Richard to trick Super Skrull and thereby defeat him. Super Skrull's popularity with Fantastic Four fans surely makes him a favourite for the film's 2017 sequel.

Fantastic Four is coming to Cineworld on 6th August.