Under The Skin (15)

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Release date

14th March 2014

Running Time

108 minutes


Jonathan Glazer


Sci-Fi, Thriller, Art-house


Scarlett Johansson, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Paul Brannigan

Scarlett Johansson stars in a terrifying sci-fi thriller about an alien who preys on hitch-hikers! An unnamed alien (Scarlett Johansson) in human form is stalking Glasgow and the Scottish Highlands. Beautiful and alluring in classic femme fatale style, with blood-red lipstick and an unruly mop of jet-black hair, she cruises around in a van targeting men who are unlikely to be missed. Barely able to believe their good fortune, her victims are lured into the van where they meet a truly gruesome end! Jonathan Glazer's third film after 'Sexy Beast' and 'Birth' is unnerving, grisly and profoundly strange. It's very loosely adapted from a novel by Michel Faber and features an extraordinary performance by Scarlett Johansson as the cold-hearted predator. Many of the people with whom she interacts were unaware they were being filmed by hidden cameras. The film's enigmatic tone is underlined by Mica Levi's unsettling score.

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Scarlett Johansson's brave and mesmerising performance is unlike anything she's done before.

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