Tinkerbell And The Lost Treasure (U)

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Release date

12th September 2009

Running Time

80 minutes


Klay Hall


Anjelica Huston, Mae Whitman, Lucy Liu, Jane Horrocks

Disney's favourite fairy, the magical Tinker Bell, sets out to save Pixie Hollow. It's autumn in Pixie Hollow, home to Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) and her fairy friends (including Lucy Liu), and it's an important time as there's a rare blue moon on its way. That can only mean one thing - now the fairies can use their special moonstone to breathe life back into their Pixie Dust Tree, which is the source of their magic powers. Tinker Bell is given a vital job which she must finish in time for the blue moon's arrival, but things don't quite work out. So now it's up to Tink to save her fairy home and all who live there. To put things right, the brave little fairy has to leave Pixie Hollow far behind and set out on a daring adventure helped by her friend Terence (Jesse McCartney) and a firefly named Blaze.

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A big-name cast brings Tinker Bell's latest exciting journey to the cinema screen.

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