All is Lost (12A)

Available in: 2D

Release date:
29 November 2013

Running time:
106 minutes

  1. Film details

    Robert Redford

    J.C. Chandor

    Action, Drama, Thriller

    Hollywood legend Robert Redford excels in a white-knuckle shipwreck drama. Alone aboard his 39 foot yacht in the middle of the Indian Ocean, an unnamed man (Robert Redford) is woken by a terrible crunching noise. A container from a passing cargo ship has perforated the side of his vessel, causing the cabin to fill with water. His navigation and communication equipment are disabled. He manages to patch up the hull, but then notices a dark and violent storm heading his way. Using only a sextant and old maps, the experienced seafarer will need all of his nautical knowledge to survive this onslaught of the elements. Soon his supplies start to dwindle, sharks begin to circle, and his fragile mortality becomes all too apparent. This virtually wordless, thrillingly visceral man vs nature action movie from 'Margin Call' director J.C. Chandor features an extraordinary performance by veteran Robert Redford.

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This superbly crafted open-water thriller is an exhilarating celebration of human resilience and resourcefulness. - Cineworld Magazine

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